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Haven Human Services INC.

Our Services


Residential housing

At Haven Human Services we undertake development of:
  1. Single-family
  2. Cottage
  3. Semi-detached
  4. Row house
  5. Apartment building
  6. and Supervised Living


Day habilitation

At Haven Human Services we offer to support people with intelectual and development disabilities in developing essential skills and promoting their independence.


Employment Services

At Haven Human Services we help job seekers to find and secure employment opportunities. They include job coaching, skill training, resume building and job placement assistance.


Behavioral Health

At Haven Human Services we focus on improving connection between behavior, emotions and overall health and well-being.

What We Do

We Always Deliver A Solution.

Our deep understanding project’s requirements, including the budget, timeline, and desired outcomes is one of our strength while undertaking  projects. In addition, we analyze the problem and and come up with best solution based on factors such as feasibility, cost, and time constraints.

Hence, a solution is always delivered.


Our team works in unity to deliver clients expected results

Solid Team

A team youll always love and enjoy working with

Result Driven

Deliverables are the key target, we a sure performance.

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